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To ensure the safety and civility of the Institute’s culture and campus, we are committed to an environment that is free of all forms of harassment, discrimination, bullying or other inappropriate or disrespectful conduct, whether physical, verbal or visual. Actions of this nature will not be tolerated by Salk, regardless of one’s relationship with the Institute. This applies to online and in-person conduct by and against all persons involved in the operation of the Institute, including but not limited to Institute employees, visitors, contractors, volunteers, any individuals providing services pursuant to a contract, other third-party non-employees or applicants for an employment, volunteer, or training position with Salk. If you see something that you think isn't right, speak up. Please share any concerns with Salk by notifying onsite staff or emailing [email protected] with the assurance of knowing that the Institute does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith.

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